From Lauren Arbogast, Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year….

The little girl wrinkled her nose, and you could see the wheels literally turning behind her dark eyes in her four year old brain. She raised her hand timidly, not sure if her thought process garnered a question or not.

“Yes?” I asked, prompting her with a smile. “Um, yes, um, Mrs. Arbogast? I was wondering if hamburger comes out a cow the same way as the milk?”

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Did you grow up on a farm or remember visiting a friend’s or relative’s farm? For many people, memories of life on a farm are a treasured part of their childhood. For others, farming is a way of life that they love and work hard to preserve. However, for most people today, including our children, farm experiences are limited or even non-existent.  That is why, Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) connects kids to agriculture! 

Kids want to know more about agriculture. It’s fun. It’s cool. In a world of technology, AITC links students to the natural world - to the land, to their food and to Virginia.


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